Phase Edge

Your planet has been consumed… its hollow shell infested by swarms of inter-dimensional mutants. Phase Edge - the only weapon capable of defeating them - is the final hope for your decimated world. Whilst the power of the mutant swarm seems virtually insurmountable, Phase Edge can feed on this power and turn it against them.

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Why Preorder?

With Phase Edge we made sure to give you a good slice of the game before we’d think about asking you for money. You can decide for yourself if you want to support us.

What do I get for preordering?

What will you do with the money?

Make the launch better. While the team is cool, we’re also tiny. There are certain things that we just can’t do –like translating the game– without paying for it to be done. Pre-orders are going to make the game as cool as possible when it launches.

Why not Early Access

Early Access is more for games that see a stream of updates and changes. While we’re working hard at tweaking things in the game to get it feeling just right we aren’t creating large caches of new content that would make being part of Early Access feel good for people who got the game.


Weren’t you called retroFuture, and the game zX: Hyperblast?

Yes, and yes. zX was only ever supposed to be a temporary dev name. And Hyperblast was added because the game needed to be at least 3 characters to be searchable on Greenlight! Unfortunately zX: Hyperblast wasn’t a very useful name to talk about the game, and even worse with search engines and Google Alerts.

The change from retroFuture is a bit boring since it involves legal stuff. But we’re really happy with Punk Arcade, and think it suits us as devs really well!


Taking a sneaky peak at the videogame formally known as zX: Hyperblast and bloody hell it's good. It's proper arcade noisy, wonderfully easy to get yourself into a pickle and there's bullets everywhere. And it's got lots of colours.

this is an intense and satisfying game which should fulfill your need for an arcade shooter for a nice amount of time
-Indie Retro News

… it's not like most shmups. Instead of encouraging passive play or requiring the player to dodge a ton of bullets, players should dive straight into the line of fire to reflect enemy shots and power up their hyper gun.